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My why?

In the tapestry of humanity, we are each a unique thread, woven together by our stories, experiences, and wounds. To truly understand one another, we must embrace the beauty of acceptance. Behind every protective layer and every scar lies a person longing to be seen, heard, and loved for their authentic self.


Though we all carry our wounds, these wounds do not define us. They are a part of our journey, a path toward healing. In extending a hand of compassion, I can offer the gift of transformation, the chance for someone to heal, and the opportunity to reveal the extraordinary strength that resides within us all.

All About Me

Hey - I'm Kate! If this is your first time here, welcome! If you’ve been here before, I’m ecstatic to have you back!
You're probably wondering how I got here and why I'm so determined to help others, right? I firmly believe in the saying "difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations" and I am hell bent on helping others find the beauty not only at their destination, but on the journey there as well.
Let’s be honest: I didn’t always have the answers and still don’t! I spent countless years working on myself, my relationships, and my family. I wallowed in the judgements and demands of others before realizing that I was in control. I could own my feelings or they could own me. My experiences forced me to become more open and understanding, to begin navigating life through a lens more honest and accepting of both myself and others. This is where you come in!
I know how much energy and anxiety can be involved in seeking therapy, but now that you’ve gotten this far, we can do this! Together, we can take the first step into your new future!
I am an LPC in the state of Missouri. I earned a Masters degree in Mental Health & Rehabilitation Counseling in May of 2013 from Maryville University.
I’m a dedicated mama to one sweet boy! After the birth of my son, I suffered from Postpartum Depression - a type of hell not openly discussed nearly as often as new mothers deserve. This led me to specialize in Maternal Mental Health, specifically targeting perinatal mood and anxiety disorders along with loss and grief.
Generally speaking, I think life was meant to be lived outdoors. I firmly believe that I should have been born much closer to an ocean. As a born and raised Midwesterner, however, occasional beach vacations will suffice! I’m a wannabe foodie- I like to eat, but probably don’t know enough to be worthy of that title. My affinity for the finer things in life, like fancy foods and white tablecloths, is likely more nurture than nature thanks to my Gram’s champagne taste with a beer budget.





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